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Lining the Nest

A Parenting Journey


Why does my toddler who loved being carried brings the house down if I pick him up? Are walkers really bad for my child? Why has my hitherto silent child suddenly started talking nonstop? What is my child’s fascination with touching everything? When is a good time to toilet train my child?

If you identify with any one or all of these situations above then you have the textbook toddler who epitomizes the definition of a child. But for many of you, parenthood is currently looking like an examination paper set completely out of syllabus and your preparation seems to be woefully inadequate.

Enter: Lining the Nest. Your friend, philosopher and guide. A parenting book that will hold your hand as you wade through the formative years of parenthood- when your child is between zero and 6 years of age. Blue Blocks cofounders Pavan Goyal and Munira Hussain are committed to spread the message of positive parenting across the world. For the past ten years they have been conducting parenting workshops While the school epitomizes their work towards child centric education, it was time to reach out to a larger audience. And hence Lining the Nest was born. It is a parenting book that documents the trials and triumphs of parenting especially in the first six years of a child's life and guides parents through this journey.




Pavan Goyal:

Munira Hussain:

A Gold Medalist in Psychology, Munira is certified by AMI Montessori for 3-6 age groups and 6-12 age groups. She is the co-founder of Blue Blocks.

Munira hopes to reach out to every parent who experiences the parenting challenges, and to try and inspire them the way the Montessori philosophy inspired her. She believes helping parents with parenting will in turn help her reach out to more and more children. After all, a child is the best hope for a better world!