Blue Blocks Self Learning Pre-school


Child Development

Sensitive Periods

The young child between the 6th month and the 12th month experiences certain sensitivity towards shiny, flashy and coloured objects.Following this, during the 2nd year for a brief period of about 6 to8 months, the child experiences a sensitivity towards small objects. This sensitive period for small objects is also marked with the development of movement to a certain extent that the child is able to move on his own [crawl or walk] towards certain objects which attract him. It is also interesting to know that the smaller details seem to fascinate the child. Thus the general feeling that only strong stimuli attract the child is not true. There has been enough proof that children are capable of finer perceptions. Probably it is not easily noticeable as the sensitivity exists for a brief period of time. When the child enters the self-interpretive environment, the sensitive period for small objects is almost vanishing. Owing to the sensitive period for small objects and also the development of movement the child may have created certain co-ordination with his pincer movements. Keeping this development in mind, the environment includes certain activities which would involve the pincer movements. Activities which the child can relate to and is also interested in performing are available at the child’s disposal in the self-interpretive environment. In this manner whatever has been developed may be utilised.