What is Montessori?

An educational approach developed by Italian physician and educator Dr. Maria Montessori. It is child-centered philosophy that focuses on fostering independence, self-direction, and a love for learning in children.

The Montessori method is based on the belief that children have an innate desire to learn and explore their environment.It emphasizes the importance of a creating a prepared environment by a trained adult that allows children to engage in self-directed activities and discover concepts at their own pace.

The Association Montessori International (AMI) offers teaching diploma courses which are internationally recognized. AMI is the association which Maria Montessori founded herself to continue her work, and therefore AMI teacher training courses are renowned for their quality, integrity, and authenticity. Trainees earn their diploma through successful completion of an intensive training program conducted by an AMI trainer.


What is AMI?

What programs
does AMI offer ?


(0 to 3 years)

Diploma Course
Assistant course


(3 to 6 years)

Diploma Course
Assistant course


(6 to 12 years)

Diploma Course
Assistant course

Erd Kinder

(12 to 18 years)

Diploma Course
Assistant course


Why AMI Training?

AMI teachers create learning environment that are hands-on, self -paced, collaborative and joyful - everything that needed to create a lifelong, active learner. AMI Montessori Teacher Certification helps teachers nurture each child into capable and collected individual, while moving all children forward.

• Internationally Recognised

• Emphasis on Child Development

• Authentic Montessori Approach

• Opportunity to work with BLUE BLOCKS

Who should take AMI Training?

  • Educators and Teachers
  • Parents and Caregivers
  • Education Professionals Administrators
  • Early Childhood Professionals

Ultimately, anyone who is passionate about Montessori education and wants to make a positive impact on children's lives should take AMI training.


Job opportunities

Join our team

Blue Blocks offers a guaranteed job to prospective candidates who are passionate to work with children and successfully complete their training within the specified timeframe. We extend an official appointment letter to designated candidates even before they embark on their training journey so that they can join our team as soon as they proudly hold their Diploma.

  • Toddler Guide(0-3 years)
  • Primary Guide(3-6 years)
  • Elementary Guide (6-12 years)
  • Erd Kinder Guide (12-18 years)


We extends a unique opportunity to deserving candidates through our sponsorship program, coupled with enticing job offers. We are committed to supporting exceptional individuals in achieving their career aspirations. As part of our sponsorship initiative, we offer two categories: 100% sponsorship and 50% sponsorship.

Terms and conditions apply to our sponsorship program

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Where are the AMI centers located in India?

There are centers in India that offer training programs accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)



Primary Course(3-6 Years)
MODULE : Offline
Duration: August 19, 2024 - April 11, 2025


Elementary Course(6-12 Years)
MODULE : Blended / Summer format
Duration: May 2024 to May 2025


Primary Course(3-6 Years)
MODULE : Blended
Duration: August 19, 2024 - April 11, 2025


How to enroll in AMI diploma course ?

Centre/Course Infancy (0-3) Primary (3-6) Elementary (6-12) Erd Kinder (12-18)
Hyderabad NA Registrations
Elementary Diploma
Banglore Registrations
Primary Diploma
Chennai NA Primary Diploma
Mumbai Will Commence
Primary Diploma


Batool shaheed Ali Primary Guide

I fell in love with the philosophy as the children are immensely benefited from the principles of Montessori, especially the principle of giving the children the tools, but not pushing them to learn any faster than they can. And suddenly when they want to learn, don't hold them back. So this touched my heart. And after working with the children, I found it very true.

I understood children better and their natural potentials. I understood there's more to life than marks and good grades. So this, the potential, the children's potential and how it works in a Montessori environment completely changed my mindset. So I feel blessed to be working with the children in a Montessori setup.

Mridula Chunduri Elementary Guide

Montessori training reinforced my belief in innovative education methods that empower children. I witnessed the transformative power of self-exploration and freedom in learning. As a journalist, I sought a career aligned with serving society holistically. Montessori education allowed me to continue that purpose, serving both present and future generations.

Understanding diverse child behaviors through this philosophy has enabled me to support and guide not only my own children but also those within my community. Dr. Maria Montessori's genius deserves utmost acclaim, as she paved a path for us to make a significant impact on our country and the world. I am grateful for the profound lessons learned and the chance to contribute to a brighter future.

Sandhya-rao Sandhya Rao Elementary Guide

Completing my AMI elementary training in Hyderabad transformed my perspective as a mother and professional. Coming from a healthcare background, the training reignited my passion for learning and helped me realize my ability to excel in various subjects beyond my science focus. It brought a sense of calmness as I gained a deeper understanding of my own child.

Confidence grew while working with children at school. This experience was truly life-changing, uncovering strengths I previously considered weaknesses. I highly recommend this course to parents of 6 to 12-year-olds and anyone interested in working with children. It offers personal and professional growth, leaving everyone with valuable takeaways.

Satya-sree Satya Sree Primary Guide

Montessori Training enlightened me about the vital role of home environment, concentration, order, and repetition in a child's development from birth. I discovered that as a guide, my role is to follow the child. Witnessing children thrive with the right environment and guidance, I saw their self-teaching abilities foster deep confidence.

This course extended beyond understanding children, imparting valuable life lessons on respect, humility, and objective observation. It emphasized the unique nature of each child and the need for tailored approaches in their activities. It became a transformative aid for personal growth. Being part of young children's journey and witnessing their small actions shaping a better future inspires me to continue working with them.


  • What would be the minimum qualification required?

    Any Graduation

  • What would be the duration ofthe course?

    The duration of the course can vary depending on the specific program and level of training. Please check the course links

  • After completing training, one can work as a teacher in any school?

    Yes. You can certainly work in Montessori or any other school around the globe.

  • How much is the diploma course fee?

    The course fees for training can vary depending on factors such as the training center, the level of training, the location, and the format (offline or online). Please check the course links

  • Is the diploma course offline or online?

    Depending on the specific program and center, the courses are offered both hybrid and onsite.

  • How would the AMI training course benefit if one have already completed B.Ed?

    Completing a B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) degree prior to pursuing a Montessori training course can provide you with a strong foundation in education and teaching practices

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