September 21, 2020

Zoom Classes: Expectation VS Reality

By Mridula Chunduri Schools across the world went into lockdown rather suddenly. Some had literally an evening to move on to the online platform, and some of the luckier ones, a few months to prepare. The second category of schools had time to gear up for the eventuality of starting the new academic on the virtual platform. They did not waste a minute of this precious reprieve they got and researched all over for the best online teaching practices. Not a blog went un Read More

How to be a creative parent

Parenting is a lot of things- it is an ongoing process; it is a thankless job; it is a chore at times; a pleasure at most; it is also a rigorous daily exercise that we cannot avoid or escape. The past few weeks, when the world is in the grip of a global pandemic and children are all home, parenting has a new dimension added to it- of being creative as well. Creative parenting is the need of the hour, where you cannot depend on friends, grandparents, and school to eng Read More

5 ways to build discipline in children

arenting and discipline are words often used in tandem with each other where parents are expected to ensure discipline in their children. But the reality is not so black and white. The easiest way to achieve discipline is by helping children understand the need for discipline and guiding them to inculcate it within themselves.  So what are the five ways in which you build discipline in children? 1. Know that your child is predisposed to be disciplined.&n Read More

5 ways to avoid common parenting mistakes

First things first, there is no right way or wrong way to bring up your child. There is only the best-you-can-do way. The birth of a child also is the day parents are born. Both explore and grow with each other. While it is not just expected but acceptable for children to fall and dust themselves off before moving on, one misstep by parents can alter the course of the child's development. But there is hope. More often than not, most of these mistakes are not irrevocab Read More