A toddler is a child between the ages of 1 and 3 years. A child who is just discovering the world around her. A child who is unafraid to explore with her various senses; who is absorbing every sight, sound, texture and taste and recording it for later reference.

A toddler needs an environment that allows her to explore; an obstacle free room to exercise her independence in movement; guidance to learn to eat, to go to the toilet, to develop language and to understand her own mind.

A toddler needs a Montessori environment.

But in these times of Covid, school seems a far off proposition. But that doesn’t necessarily mean schooling has to be paused. Introducing the Montessori Home Schooling Programme for toddler children.

A three-month comprehensive home schooling module

Home Schooling kit

All the materials your toddler will need to work with as part of the programme. At this age children learn best when they learn sensorially by using their hands and feeling things.

Handouts on how to work with your toddler using material:

Every material in the Montessori environment is designed to cater to specific needs of children at different ages of development. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use these materials and what purpose they serve.

Timetable from Monday to Sunday uploaded every week:

Order and continuity are essential for toddlers who thrive on the familiar while exploring the new. Hence, we will provide a detailed time table for seven days a week on how to productively engage and utilise the time for your child.

Weekly sessions with trained Montessori adults in carrying out the home schooling.

Since we cannot have your child with us, the next best thing is for us to virtually come to your home and help you understand the philosophy and the pedagogy of the programme and the best practises in home schooling your child.

Assistance in setting up your homes for Montessori home schooling:

In Montessori, an environment that is prepared for the child to explore and learn is as important as a trained adult and hence we will also help you set up your home to optimise the home schooling experience for you and your child.


Main Pointers

  • Motor co-ordination
  • Spooning
  • Transference

Language Development

  • Classified Picture Cards
  • Sensorial stimulation

Sensorial memory

  • Napkins- folding
  • Eye hand co-ordination
  • Sorting material
  • Plate with 3 sections
  • Songs and stories

Sensorial learning

  • Pairing
  • Sorting
  • Grading

Parent Session

  • Child development sessions
  • Parental guidance group sessions.
  • One on one Personalised Session.
  • Understanding brain development in children.
  • Understanding the sensitive periods of learning to optimise the potential of children.

How to Sessions:

  • How to deliver home schooling with the content and materials provided.
  • How to toilet train your child.
  • How to help child become an independent eater.

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