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Playgroup children's services usually provide an invaluable service to the local community. Our playgroup school in Gachibowli is a place where children can achieve their full potential and socialize in a safe and nurturing environment. It helps children learn new skills, improves self-esteem, builds confidence and self-reliance, and helps families deal with everyday problems.

Our playgroup also promotes healthy lifestyles, help reduce the number of unvaccinated children, and gives parents peace of mind about the safety of their child's well-being. The importance of a child playgroup school in Hyderabad is crystal clear. Children need to be well taken care of from the time they are young and need to learn how to interact with others. This is the reason why we established an excellent playgroup in your local area that would definitely help your child become happier, optimistic, and much more capable later in life.

A child playgroup school in Gachibowli or Hyderabad is a school that allows children to come together at a certain time and age in order to enjoy the company of their peers. This way, the children will be able to spend quality time with those who are like them. And it also gives parents a chance to be with their children without worrying about them being distracted by other activities.

Areas of development

Brain Development

We recognize that observations and impressions are the early learning mechanisms in this age group. They are also now communicating through talking. Language is one of the first developmental milestones that we address. We introduce as many as seven languages to the child by speaking good, chaste, grammatically correct sentences in front of the children so they pick up only the right kind of language.

Movement Development

Children learn by touching and feeling objects. Their gross motors skills are just developing at the toddler stage. So we provide them with ample space to move around and pick up the materials of their choice and explore. These specially designed materials are not only child size but safe as well and help in the development of the child’s senses.

Care for Environment

A child is naturally inclined to do the daily activities he sees around him. Allowing the child to do these activities increases their self worth. By washing fruits and vegetables, setting table, cleaning up after him, washing dishes, watering plants we encourage the child to be part of the environment he is in.

Food Activities

Believe it or not children have an natural affinity to work with food, even those children who make feeding an ongoing struggle for the parents. Food is the one constant in their lives, whether they like to eat or not. So they are eager to work with it, experiment with it. The various food related activities in the Toddler environment cater to this need of the children.

Care for self

Children gain immense satisfaction in doing things on their own be it dressing themselves, wearing or removing shoes, or even wiping their nose themselves.

Toilet Training

This is probably the best indicator of a child’s independence. Our child size toilets and accessible wash basins promote the interest in the child to get toilet trained.

Art Activities

Every child itches to put crayon to paper and make a piece of art. For us adults, it may look like plain scribbling, but the child sees it as a means to express her emotions. And so at Blue Blocks we allow the child to scribble away to her mind’s content. And as the days progress we introduce easel paining and gluing paper to expand their creative horizons.

Songs and Stories

Music is an integral part of all our lives and many a life lessons are hidden in songs. We involve children in many action based songs that are not only reality based but relevant to the children. The stories that we weave for the imaginative minds of the toddlers are all involve around the activities the child is exposed to at Blue Blocks, at home, or those pertaining to the environment. We strictly avoid fantasy, mythology stories that may not be relevant to the child.

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Frequently Asked question

What age do children join this Play Group?

As soon as your child is able to walk, you can enrol them into this programme. So around 1 to 1.5 years of age.

How long are children in this program?

They are in a play group until they are 2.5 years of age.

Do you toilet train the child?

Yes, we do.

Do you offer food to the children?


Do you have child friendly infrastructure?

Yes. Every chair, stool, chauki, cutlery, material are entirely child friendly and child size.