Virtual Learning

Montessori pedagogy is very hands on, that gives great importance to movement, learning with freedom and choice and most importantly with scientifically designed materials. That said, Montessori education is more about the philosophy behind the presentations. While we may be able to do Montessori without materials, we cannot do so without the philosophy. And we are very proud of the fact that we have been able to adapt the Montessori philosophy to the new virtual learning environment.

Keeping with the times and the sudden changes we have all been forced to adapt to, our virtual learning programme is online now. We have always maintained that gadget exposure before the age of 6 years can be harmful for the development of the brain. In keeping with our stand, we have designed a virtual learning programme that offers minimum screen time to our primary children while the elementary children in grades 1 and above enjoy a very healthy balance of online and offline work.

We believe learning can happen anywhere and everywhere. Each experience teaches something to the children. We are proud of our parenting community who have supported us in this endeavour wholeheartedly and are our eyes and ears as we continue to track and help children continue their learning. Most of all kudos to all children who have taken to this form of learning with little fuss and a lot of enthusiasm.