August 24, 2023

Blue Blocks School Celebrates Successful Inauguration of Innovative Space Lab

HYDERABAD, INDIA – Blue Blocks School, in collaboration with IIT Hyderabad’s design team, inaugurated its state-of-the-art space lab on August 23rd, coinciding with Chandrayaan 3’s landing at 6:04pm.

The event, hosted by Blue Blocks’ adolescents, featured a live simulation of the Chandrayaan 3 landing. As India celebrated the Vikram lander’s success, Blue Blocks’ children landed their prototype of the Vikram lander and operated the Pragyan rover in the space lab. The rover, controlled by the children, served as the special chief guest, inaugurating the space lab by cutting the ribbon.

Pavan Goyal, founder of Blue Blocks, reflected on the impact: “This space lab is a symbol of what education can achieve with vision, collaboration, and ethical principles. Our partnership with IIT Hyderabad in designing the lab and our students’ hands-on involvement have turned a dream into reality. We’re inspiring a lifelong passion for exploration, responsibility, and innovation.”

Members of the IIT Hyderabad design team, who designed the space lab, were present during the inauguration, witnessing their innovative design come to life.

Munira Hussain, co-founder of Blue Blocks, expressed her gratitude: “A landing for India became a launchpad for Blue Blocks. As Chandrayaan-3 got its foothold on the moon, our children embarked on their space journey with this Lab.”

The inauguration marks a milestone for Blue Blocks, as the children created history by building and operating the prototypes. The event showcased their leadership, teamwork, and technical skills, fostering creativity, collaboration, and hands-on learning.

Ronak Samantray, Co-Founder & CEO of TakeMe2Space, and advisor to Blue Blocks, highlighted the collaboration: “TakeMe2Space is delighted to collaborate with Blue Blocks to enable students to launch their own CubeSat into lower earth orbit. A practical experience exposes students to varied fields, requiring teamwork and collaboration.”

You can view the video of the inauguration here:

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For Further details Please contact:
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